Crypto ETFs, re-invented.

Liquid, diversified cryptocurrency indices on the blockchain

Diversifying with Crypto Baskets

The emerging cryptocurrency market has thousands of existing tokens to choose from, with new tokens being issued every day. Token issuers are typically new, less-established companies - complete information is difficult to attain. Baskets enable investors to “buy the market”, “buy a theme” or “buy the arranger”, instead of requiring investors to buy individual winners. This strategy is similar to what you’d encounter in an Exchange-Traded Fund ETF or Index fund and has proven strong in traditional markets

Thematic Baskets

Choose from a variety of baskets created based on market cap, sector, and/or geography.

Expert Arrangers

Select an index based on arranger (basket creator) profile and track record; access to professionals and subject matter experts.

Create Your Own

Can’t find exactly what you want or want to express your own trade idea? Customize your own basket.

True ownership

Unlike traditional funds, you own Crypto Basket tokens directly, which provides direct access to and control over your portfolio tokens.

Maximum flexibility

Crypto Baskets are customized for every investment strategy at any price point - no minimums is required.

High efficiency

  • No exchange account required: You purchase baskets with Ether and own your own baskets and tokens directly
  • 0% expense ratio: Unlike traditional funds and indices, there are no ongoing fees or performance fees for holding baskets
  • Reliable order execution: Featured baskets on the Crypto Basket platform are supported by CoinAlpha’s proprietary trading systems that have connectivity to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain functionality, enabling live, transactable prices.

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