Crypto ETFs,

Create, buy and sell custom Ethereum tokens that hold a basket of other tokens

The Decentralized Asset Management Ecosystem.


Arrangers create CryptoBaskets based on their expertise, analysis, and trade ideas.

They include crypto fund managers, research analysts, as well as people like you!



Suppliers provide the underlying tokens to be included in a CryptoBasket.

They also provide liquidity to Buyers by buying back CryptoBaskets when needed.


Buyers can choose between a variety of CryptoBaskets or customize their own.

Compared to a crypto fund, they have more selection, control, and liquidity.


A better way to invest in crypto.

Choose from a variety of baskets constructed based on sector, geography, and other trade ideas.


Buy baskets selected by experts with unique access and domain expertise.

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Design and purchase a customized basket that's tailored to your views.

Create your own

True ownership

Access to underlying tokens

When you own a CryptoBasket, you also own the tokens that collateralize it. You can break up the CryptoBasket and access the underlying tokens at anytime.


Unlike traditional funds, you have full control over the assets in your CryptoBasket, so you don't have to trust a third party fund manager to securely manage crypto custody risk.

True Ownership
Maximum flexibility

Flexible and liquid


CryptoBaskets are customized for every investment strategy at any price point - no minimums is required.

Reliable order execution

Featured baskets on the CryptoBasket platform are supported by CoinAlpha’s proprietary trading systems that have connectivity to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain functionality, enabling live, transactable prices.

High efficiency

No exchange account required

You purchase baskets with Ether and own your own baskets and tokens directly

0% expense ratio

Unlike traditional funds and indices, there are no ongoing fees or performance fees for holding baskets

High efficiency

Create your own CryptoBasket and see how it performs


Based on a security audited open source protocol

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